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Lipedema Sufferers are Unique

If you have Lipedema then you may suffer from significant pain caused by a number of factors. One of the major pain causing factors is inflammation. Full Spectrum CBD has been found by a number members of the lipedema community to help with pain relief which in turn has lead to improved mobility. Read what some of the members of community say about CBD.


Lipedema Sufferers Experience with CBD:

I have Lipedema and Lymphedema, and I have osteoarthritis in my knees. I have had knee pain, pressure pain on the top of my legs and my arms, and restless legs which has kept me from sleeping properly. I was taking acetaminophen and naproxen and they helped a little with the pain, not with the restless leg.

Now that I use CBD the leg and knee pain are reduced so that I can get around better and the restless leg symptoms have greatly diminished. I get a deeper, more restful sleep and I don’t wake up with a headache like I used to.

Lori P


“I was first diagnosed with Lymphedema 6 yrs ago and I was recently diagnosed with Lipedema.

I have, at times, been bedridden from the horrible pain of these diseases.

I had a bad experience with CBD in the past when my daughter spent $250 on CBD from a dispensary and it was junk! Total waste of money.

I was very skeptical when I attended Bryan’s pain relief seminar, but I learned how evaluate CBD quality and price by reading the label. I tried Bryan’s salve and it is miraculous! I “slather” the salve on my toes and ankles, front and back of my legs, and especially around my knees. I reapply the salve, sometimes in the middle of the day, and at night before I go to bed.

The result is that the pain in my legs, and especially in my knees, is reduced such that I can relax to fall asleep easily and I sleep soundly all night. During the day I can get around with much less pain and less fatigue.

Suzie Hatch

Seattle, WA

“I was skeptical at first, but I tried the tincture and found that my legs were less restless at night and not as achy. I sleep much better now. I take the tincture in the morning and I find my pain to be lessened and I feel much calmer all day. CBD seems to enhance the benefits from a low carb diet, compression and other protocols that I utilize. Oh and also my aunt swears by the gelcaps and salve.”
Gail Straker


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